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Register Your Nugget Markets Scrip Card!

Do you have a Scrip community card for Nugget Markets? Be sure to sign up and register before your next trip! A portion of all your purchases will be donated back to Quarry Trail Parent Teacher Club. Easy peasy.

How to Register your Nugget Markets Scrip Card:

1. Go to:

Sign up with Nugget Markets screenshot

2. Accept the terms and conditions.

3. Complete the Contact information and Login information sections.

Enter your contact information when signing up

4. Select Quarry Trail Parent Teacher Club as your preferred beneficiary.

select Quarry Trail Parent Teacher Club as a beneficiary

5. Take your community card with you on your next trip to Nugget Markets!

That's it! Quarry Trail Parent Teacher club will receive a percentage of each purchase you make using your scrip card. Be sure to take it with you and present it. Below are some frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions about using the Nugget Markets Scrip card.

If I forget my card, can they look me up by phone number?

Unfortunately, they don't have that feature yet.

What happens if I don't register my card?

I currently have a card. Do I need a new one?

How do I get a card?

I shop Nugget Markets only on special occasions. Will my purchases make a difference?

Questions? Contact us and let us know!

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